Investment Advisory
Investment AdvisoryThe Long Road
  • Angel Oak Financial Services, LLC offers clients the opportunity to engage us to manage assets for them. The typical asset under management (AUM) client is one who sees the value in a long term relationship and wants the stewardship of their assets tied in to the personal plan that is developed for them. Investing for a lifetime of events takes care, diligence and a clear understanding of a client's intended goals and objectives.

    Our investment philosophy corners on preservation of capital in challenging investment environments while looking for long term positive returns established through time and asset diversification.

  • Angel Oak will develop a personalized investment policy statement based on your investment history, tolerance for investment risk and goal time horizons. Current investments will be evaluated and a portfolio will be established based on your long-term objectives. Along with developing your portfolio, we will educate you as to the asset classes that we suggest so that a level of comfort exists as your money is put to work. It is your money and we make every effort to help you understand the decisions being made. We make every effort to invest in assets of the highest quality and the lowest expenses.

  • Angel Oak will monitor your portfolio and re-balance the investments as necessary to meet the objectives of the investment policy statement. We will meet periodically to review your portfolio investment strategy and to monitor whether your objectives are being met.

    Angel Oak will facilitate the opening, transfer and monitoring of accounts that are managed and held at a qualified custodian. Quarterly reports are delivered directly to clients by the custodian and accounts may be viewed daily.

  • As a fee only financial planning firm we are compensated by a flat percentage fee based on the value of the investments under management. We are not paid commissions for managing your portfolio and always remember that our only source of compensation is from our clients directly. Remember also, as fiduciaries, we are required by regulation to make recommendations solely in the client's best interest.

    Establishing a long term relationship is one we believe to be healthier over time. It enables us to clearly communicate with each other on an ongoing basis the important factors that need to be integrated into the planning process.

Start them young

The habits of saving, budgeting and understanding personal finance should be started at a young age. Money and personal finance are often subjects that are not typically discussed within the family unit and not taught in schools at a young age. Angel Oak firmly believes in the importance of starting good habits as early as possible.

As an Angel Oak advisory client, your children are always invited to discuss the steps needed to get them off on the right financial path. Items discussed are simple budgeting, the value of money, the magic of compounding interest over time, and other general topics. Often the introduction of an independent advisor bridges the gap between parents and children so that the the importance of the financial planning message can be communicated between the two.