What Works For You?

Once you realize the importance of working with a fee only financial advisor, you will need to decide what works best for you. It is our belief that a client should know exactly how an advisor is compensated requiring a fully transparent fee structure. You will receive independent advice at competitive fair prices.

  • Assets Under Management

    AUM is the most comprehensive way to work with Angel Oak Financial Services, LLC. The investment management fee is a 1% annual fee of the portfolio value paid quarterly in arrears and can decline as the assets under management increase. The fee can include a written financial plan, ongoing monitoring of assets and adjustments along the way. This option is best for those looking for a long term planning relationship. For further details please call for a copy of our Investment Advisory Agreement.

  • Fee Only Planning

    Clients pay a predetermined fee for the development of a personalized written financial plan, which includes an asset allocation and specific investment recommendations if needed. Fees vary depending upon the scope of work and we will always provide you with a fair estimate of the cost of our services before you begin working with us. Fee only planning is a great option for those who are looking for a plan and then wish to implement it on a do it yourself basis. For further details please call for a copy of our Financial Planning Agreement.

  • Getting Organized

    An hourly engagement with the planner to gain an understanding of your current financial situation. Account statements and insurance documents are reviewed and organized by account type, legal documents are organized and inventoried. A budget is formulated to help gain an understanding of income vs. expenditures. General discussion revolves around your current view toward money and personal finance. Engagement is billed at the planner's current hourly rate.

  • Hourly Rate

    Clients engage the planner for particular advice on specific topics and pay for the time spent working together. The engagement is billed at the planner's current hourly rate. Often people are not ready for a complete plan but have issues that they want addressed, this is an ideal option for those situations.