Getting Organized
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Often a great place to begin getting a handle on your finances is right at home. Clients can schedule a consultation with Angel Oak to gather their financial data and receive assistance in getting a handle on their financial situation. This consultation is more about organization and coaching than formal planning.

Client statements and documents are gathered and organized by asset and account type. Legal documents and insurance policies are inventoried. A budget is formulated to obtain a better understanding of income vs. expenditures. Discussion revolves around gaining an understanding of the client’s view towards money and personal finance.

The value in these meetings is that it is often an excellent first step toward getting control of one's personal finances. They take place in a comfortable setting where conversation is easy to share. Many people simply don't know where to begin and the objective here is to define that starting point.

Get Organized meetings typically last 2 to 3 hours and conclude with all documents stored in an organizational file and the client's better understanding of how to proceed next. Our goal is to create clarity and comfort with your current situation.