Who We Like to Work With
About Our Clients

A good client relationship is built on mutual respect, constant communication, and shared vision. To that end, Angel Oak Financial LLC looks to serve the following:

  • Clients who understand that financial planning is an ongoing process and that it takes time and commitment from both the planner and client to achieve goals and objectives.

  • Busy people who need a planner to stabilize their financial affairs and are willing to delegate this responsibility to a trusted advisor.

  • Those who seek objective investment advice and are not looking to time the market and make a "quick buck."

  • Those who realize the value of good planning and the quality that it may bring to their life.

  • Those who are looking for advice and are willing to act on an established plan.

  • People who understand the true value of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Young Families

Your lives are defined by constant change. We understand and draw from actual life experience to help guide you.

We deliver objective planning and value. We help you make informed choices and never pass judgement.


A careful selection of a financial planning practitioner can guide you through the toughest of times.

Working Professionals

People who live within their means but may experience the occasional set back and are looking for stability and guidance.

Those that wish to be better informed about their finances and the investment choices available to them.

Those that are motivated to improve their financial situation and understanding.

Genx/GenY: The Future

You are looking for a simple start to make sure you are on the right track and are taking advantage of the long time horizon that is on your side.

You are comfortable with technology and are willing to work with it in the planning relationship.

Small Business Owners

Those who are simply too busy with the day to day activities of running a business and are looking for assistance in tying together their business and personal financial planning.